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Leverage the Full Power of the Cloud

Pilotcore helps startups and small to medium-sized business harness the cloud's full power through stable, reliable, secure, fast, infrastructure-as-code (IaC) that is transparent and under your control. We're your pilot in the cloud.


Knowledgeable, personalized, and detail-oriented Cloud consulting

Some of the ways Pilotcore's skillset can bring your cloud vision to life.

Cloud Migration

If your company is new to the cloud Pilotcore will work with you to find just the right balance so you can get the most out of the cloud at an affordable price.

DevOps Consulting

We help teams familiarize with devops processes and tools that help automate builds, tests, and deployments so your engineers can focus on writing great code.

Cloud Architecture Design

If you need to improve an existing cloud deployment, our certified architects will work with your team to design improvements that adhere to best practices.

Cost Optimization

If you've already made the leap to the cloud but you're concerned it's costing more than it should, Pilotcore will undertake a review to identify opportunities to reduce costs.

Machine Learning

In the cloud, powerful Machine Learning, AI and Big Data tools are accessible to everyone. We'll help you apply these technologies to your business case.

Kubernetes & Docker

Take advantage of the open-source Kubernetes platform and Docker with their portability and flexibility, and multi-cloud capability.

Serverless Computing

Take full advantage of cloud savings by building your applications and workflows using function-as-a-service and other serverless products.

Infrastructure Management

If management and monitoring of your infrastructure is what you need, we can help.

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We're trusted by clients who want a pilot on their journey to the cloud.

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