Amazon Braket

An accessible quantum computing platform in the cloud

Build, Test, and Run Your Quantum Algorithms

If you are looking for a development environment for you to build and explore quantum algorithms, then Amazon Braket is for you. Amazon Braket's quantum computing service allows you to test quantum algorithms and then run them on a range of different hardware technologies.

Quantum computing harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to process information in ways classic computers can't, which is particularly useful for fields including material science, drug discovery, machine learning and chemical engineering.

Amazon Braket overcomes these issues so you can explore quantum computing by designing and building your own quantum algorithms, or even choose from a set of pre-built algorithms. From there, you have a choice of simulators to test and run your algorithms. Amazon Braket allows you to evaluate the potential of quantum computing for your organization, and help build on your expertise.

With Amazon Braket, you can get started quickly as it provides one environment to do all of building, testing, and running quantum algorithms. There is no need to set up and manage infrastructure, manage access with a number of different quantum hardware providers, or even write code to combine these different environments.

Amazon Braket allows you to experiment with different quantum computing technologies offering the user a consistent experience, so there is no need to learn multiple development environments.

Help is always on hand with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which provides quantum computing professionals from AWS and various consulting partners. Customized to the needs of your organization, Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab will help you build internal expertise and speed up your development of new quantum applications.

With Amazon Braket, you can also build and run hybrid quantum algorithms and classical algorithms. These combine quantum operations with optimization to help remove errors in today's quantum computing systems.

Finally, Amazon Braket offers an integrated cloud experience so that you can use your organization's cloud best practices.

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