Amazon Chime

A collaboration tool for chat, video and voice calls, and document sharing.

Transform your Meetings

Amazon Chime is a secure and easy to use communications service offering call, chat and content sharing capabilities with the power to transform your meetings by enabling you to conduct them online within your organization and with external clients.

Available on any device, Amazon Chime keeps all your meetings and conversations synched so you will always stay connected and it lets you choose the communication options that best suit your business. You can select from meetings, chat, and business calling or you can use the Voice Connector to move your voice traffic over the internet. With Amazon Chime, you have full flexibility to choose the communication option that best suits your business needs, plus the freedom to scale up or down as you want.

Amazon Chime offers a single, secure application that allows you to meet, chat, and place business phone calls in a few simple steps. No need to toggle between applications to collaborate. You can quickly go from a chat to a call, share your screen, and even invite more attendees to join your meeting. Plus, with Amazon Chime, you will never be late for a meeting as the application will call you on all your devices so your meetings can start on time.

In terms of pricing, Amazon Chime offers a pay-per-use system, letting you pay for the features you use and only on the days that you use them. There is no upfront investment, no long-term contracts, and you have the freedom to switch between Basic features that don't include a charge, and premium Pro features. Chime's pricing model means you don't have to worry about overspending.

With Amazon Chime, you can work wherever you want and whenever you want all with a safe and secure app for all your communications needs.

Key Features of Amazon Chime include:

  • Simply tap to join meetings as there is no need for PINs
  • Control meetings quickly and easily with the visual roster
  • Tap to share content and view it on any device
  • Chat and enter chat rooms

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