Amazon Elastic Block Store

A high-performance block storage service for EC2.

Block Storage for Your EC2 Instances

Amazon Elastic Block Store, also known as EBS, is an easy-to-use, high-performance block storage service used with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2. A significant range of workloads, such as enterprise applications, containerized applications, relational and non-relational databases, file systems, media workflows and big data analytics engines are widely deployed on Amazon EBS.

As a business user, you can choose from five different volume types to balance optimal price and performance. Plus, you can achieve single digit-millisecond latency for high-performance database workloads or gigabyte per-second throughput for large, sequential workloads such as Hadoop. Cost-effective storage allows you to change volume types, tune performance, or increase volume size without disrupting your critical applications.

Amazon EBS volumes are replicated within an Availability Zone (AZ) and can easily scale to petabytes of data offering performance for even your most demanding of workloads.

Amazon EBS is also highly available and durable, designed to protect against failures by replicating within the same Availability Zone (AZ) and offers 99.999% availability.

Amazon EBS is also highly cost-effective, offering five different volumes at various price points and performance benchmarks, enabling your business to efficiently optimize costs and invest in a precise level of storage for your needs.

Amazon EBS volumes are easy to create, attach to EC2 instances, encrypt, and protect. You can increase storage, tune the performance of your volumes up and down, and change volume types without disruption to your EC2 workloads. EBS Snapshots allow you to easily and automatically generate point-in-time backups of your volumes for geographic protection of your data.

Amazon EBS enables you to increase storage without any disruption to your critical workloads and build applications all in just a few clicks. Amazon EBS is secure and built for data compliance. Newly created volumes can be encrypted with a single setting and can support encryption of data-at-rest, data-in-transit, and all volume backups.

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