Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Highly available and scalable relational database in the cloud

The Amazon Relation Database Service (RDS) is a tool that enables your business to operate and scale relational databases in the cloud. One of the main benefits of the Amazon RDS is its ability to automate administration tasks and save your team precious time in a cost-effective and resizeable way. By automating processes such as hardware provisioning, patching, failure detection, and backups, you can focus more attention on developing fast performance, highly available, and secure applications.

Other benefits of using the Amazon Relational Database Service include an impressive capability for scaling, high levels of security, and compatibility with familiar database instance types.

Impressive Scalability

The Amazon Relational Database Service offers push-button compute scaling that can be carried out with just a few clicks of your computer mouse or a short API call. This allows you to scale your compute or memory resources up to a maximum of 32 vCPUs and 244 GiB of RAM. To facilitate scaling, your storage engine will also automatically grow the size of your database storage to a maximum of 64 TB. Additionally, when using the Amazon Relation Database service, you can benefit from the ability to scale your CPU, memory, storage, and IOPS separately, rather than bundling them together.

Highly Secure

To ensure your security, the Amazon RDS is encrypted at rest and in transit. You can encrypt your databases using the integrated AWS Key Management Service. Automated backups, snapshots, and read replicas are also encrypted. For additional security, you can the Amazon RDS provides control over the actions that certain users can take. This ensures that only authorized users can make changes to your database.

Familiar Database Engines

To provide a simple experience and set up process, the Amazon Relational Database Service also allows you to use database systems that you are already familiar with. Each of the available database engines is optimized for memory and performance. These databases include PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, SQL Server, Amazon Aurora, MySQL, and MariaDB.

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