AWS Amplify

Develop and deploy cloud-powered applications for web and mobile.

AWS Amplify is an end-to-end solution which includes a variety of open-source libraries that developers can use as building block tools for their apps. Backends can be configured in minutes, and in just a few short clicks, they can deploy static web pages.

AWS Amplify Console is a service for static web hosting that speeds up the application release cycle by providing a simple continuous integrations and delivery (CI/CD) workflow. Connect your application's code repository in GitHub, BitBucket, CodeCommit or others in the console, and see changes to your front and backend codebases deployed in a single workflow on every code commit.

Amplify also offers data storage, analytics, push notifications and authentication. Users can keep their app data synced with the cloud while having distributed data managed and subscriptions handled.

Amplify tracks user sessions and reports on their behaviour as part of its analytics function. Users can set up custom attributed and analyze conversion funnels.

Amplify's push notifications allow users to easily manage campaigns and send messages across multiple channels via email, text and push. With Amplify, your app scales automatically and transparently and features built-in best practices for security, reliability, and global availability. Access to the underlying resources is via the AWS console.

AWS Amplify is compatible with frameworks that support iOS, Android, Web, React, Ionic, Angular, and vue.js. Amplify's framework of libraries and components is free since you only pay for the services you're using to build/deploy your app.

If you are seeking a way to build your backend or other components, but not to have to start from scratch, then AWS Amplify is the perfect solution for you. You can set up the building blocks for your app without doing all the hard work yourself.

Users can use Amplify Libraries to easily connect new or existing cloud backends to mobile and web apps, and in just a few lines of code can build targeted campaigns, custom login experiences and real-time applications.

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