AWS Global Accelerator

Bring your application's endpoints closer to your users.

AWS Global Accelerator increases the throughput performance of your applications by up to 60% by sending user traffic through AWS's own global network infrastructure. The Global Accelerator's automatic routing optimizations helps keep jitter, packet loss and latency low. Plus, you can set up your accelerator in just a matter of minutes using the Elastic Load Balancing Console.

Other features and benefits of AWS Global Accelerator include:

  • Improved application network performance by up to 60% thereby providing the global capacity needed to avoid jitter and packet loss during traffic spikes
  • Simplified global traffic management as the number of origins and IP addresses that you manage increase as AWS provides two static anycast IP addresses which need to be allow-listed just once
  • Improved resiliency to build your architecture which means running your application in a single AWS Region across multiple zones. Essentially wherever you route your traffic using Global Accelerator, the failover between the application origins happens within seconds and automatically. AWS Global Accelerator instantly triggers traffic re-routing to the next available endpoint if it detects the failure of your application. This means your users are redirected automatically without the need to enlist new IP addresses or have their DNS cache updated.
  • Protects your applications by masking your origin behind two static entry points. Using AWS Shield, these two static entry points are protected from DDoS attacks. A peering connection is established between AWS Global Accelerator and your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud using your private IP addresses, thereby keeping your connections to your private EC2 or internally located Application Load Balancer off the public internet.

AWS Global Accelerator is always monitoring your application endpoints and reacts instantly to changes in the configuration of your endpoints. By redirecting user traffic to healthy endpoints, your users are getting the best performance and availability delivered to them.

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