AWS Outposts

Extend your AWS workloads to your on-premises environment

Create Your Own Public/Private Hybrid Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts is an on-premises (on-prem) IT as a service (ITaaS) platform from Amazon. It acts as a hybrid cloud allowing users to host an environment like an on-prem public cloud. Outposts provides users with native access to AWS services such as:

  • AWS compute with EC2
  • Storage with S3 and EBS
  • Database with RDS
  • Containers with EKS
  • Analytics with EMR

The solution provides a unified hybrid experience perfect for QA to perform critical testing in various virtual environments in real-time. Existing servers can’t be reused in an Outpost. AWS Outposts leverages AWS designed infrastructure and is only supported on AWS-designed hardware.

AWS Outposts provides:

Low latency access (on-premises): Outposts can support runtime applications where needed. Real-time, interactive applications require low latency to deliver a high-quality experience; this functionality also benefits users requiring close to real-time, infinitesimally low latency speeds.

Local data management: Outposts allow users to process data locally. Making it possible to set up a consistent hybrid cloud architecture to process data on-prem and quickly move data to the cloud.

Data positioning: Outposts allows control of workload environments and data localization in highly regulated industries. It also delivers comprehensive tooling to help control the cost of storing and analyzing all of your data at scale and solutions that help reduce the cost of usage.

App migration with mutuality between the localized systems: Outposts improve and accelerate migration to the cloud by allowing users to update application latency-sensitive interdependencies on-prem before migrating the app to the cloud.

AWS Outposts is designed for high availability (HA) with redundant networking switches, power elements and built-in, continuously active capabilities; this enables HA deployments and auto-recovery workflows for easy failover.

Application Load Balancer is available on Outposts. Users can access the full range of AWS services available in the Region to build, manage, and scale their on-prem applications where Outposts are available. Note an Outpost relies on connectivity to the parent AWS Region. If operations are down or environments have limited to no connectivity Outposts will not work.

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