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We Understand the Unique Needs of Canadian Companies

Your Canadian company deserves the best Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN partner with multiple AWS certification. If you're looking for an AWS partner Canada-based, choose Pilotcore.

Pilotcore was founded with one goal in mind — to become one of the best AWS partners Canada has to offer. It's not enough to simply be an AWS Canada consulting partner; we understand the unique needs of Canadian companies and are dedicated to helping you develop the right AWS strategy to help you achieve your goals in the AWS cloud.

Our experience with cloud adoption and migration of infrastructure and applications, cloud architecture design, infrastructure management, AWS cost optimization, cloud-native application modernization, and DevOps consulting with automated cloud deployments, Pilotcore is an ideal partner for your cloud adoption.

We can help your company take advantage of machine learning, cloud-native software development, Kubernetes enablement, analytics, optimize existing AWS workloads, and other innovative solutions if you've already started your cloud journey.

We Help You Comply With Federal and Provincial Privacy and Data Protection Law

You may ask yourself why it's important to work with an AWS partner in Canada on your cloud computing project. The answer is that as a Canada-based AWS consulting partner we have the knowledge and experience in AWS services and technology to help you manage your customers' data, and facilitate your compliance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as well as provincial regulations like the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) in Ontario -- laws that regulate the use and collection of personal data in Canada.

At Pilotcore, we understand and care about local privacy laws in a way that international competitors would not. If your company is located in Canada or has a requirement to maintain residency of customer data in Canada, we will be your partner.

Shared Responsibility for Customer Privacy

As a cloud platform, AWS operates on a shared responsibility model when it comes to privacy. AWS is responsible for "security of the cloud" and does its best to ensure that the managed services it provides in the platform as well as their data centres are impenetrable. This includes its hardware, software, networking, and other technology.

But AWS does not manage the data (or infrastructure) you store within your cloud environment(s), so it's up to you to guarantee "security in the cloud" of your customers' personal data.

Both the PIPEDA and PHIPA and has strict guidelines for how the personal information you collect may be used, and it is up to your company to configure the AWS platform in a way that complies with those rules.

We are your best choice for AWS consulting partner Canada-based. Our dedicated team will work with you to build an AWS environment with cutting-edge cloud technology that your customers can rely on to keep their data safe. We help you configure your applications, databases, and systems, so they meet or exceed federal guidelines.

We also make sure that each part of your platform meets local, provincial regulations, so you are protected no matter where you do business in Canada.

Choose an AWS partner like that's dedicated to privacy and security of your customers' data.

Give Peace of Mind, Get Peace of Mind

Your business is dedicated to providing your customers with the best cloud service. They trust you with their personal, financial, and sometimes even their health information every time they make a purchase. The last thing you want is to have to inform them that their data has been compromised due to an internal error on your end.

Data breaches can permanently damage the public perception of your company. Our goal is to ensure that doesn't happen. It's essential to work with a partner that prioritizes cloud security and privacy of data. That is why we are one of the best AWS partners Canada has to offer.

Find Out How Pilotcore Can Meet Your AWS Needs

Pilotcore is a registered AWS cloud partner. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of robust solutions on AWS technology. We're ready to answer any additional questions you may have. Find out why we are the best AWS Partner Canada has to offer. Call us today at 1-888-359-1596 to discuss your strategy.

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