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Efficiency and Agility in AWS Is Our Obsession


Pilotcore was founded to make reliable, efficient, secure, and well-architected cloud infrastructure accessible to all companies, organizations and teams.

We enable you to leverage the transformative power of the cloud to simplify your development and operations processes, and gain new insight into your customers.

As a registered AWS partner in Canada, we make this a reality with full-service cloud migration, comprehensive cloud architecture design, devops consulting, and more.

Our team share our passion by ensuring smooth transition of your applications and/or IT infrastructure to AWS keeping security and cost optimization top of mind. If your applications could benefit from modernization along the way with containerization solutions like Kubernetes and Docker, or serverless with Lambda and API Gateway, we help with that too ensuring that no detail is ever overlooked.

Migrating to the cloud or upgrading in the cloud is a critical undertaking for your business and our expertise will ensure the initiative is a success.

Nelson Ford   

Founder, Principal Solutions Architect

The founder of Pilotcore, Nelson Ford has multiple AWS certifications, over 20 years' IT background and significant software development, devops, and professional AWS consulting experience. With his passion for efficiency, automation, and security in AWS, Nelson brings a unique mix of skills to your project.

Powerful cloud technology doesn't have to be out of reach. What will we build together?

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