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Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud vs Microsoft Azure In the Words of Customers

Choosing the right cloud platform can be a challenge. We asked small business owners about their experience with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. See what they said.

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Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud vs Microsoft Azure In the Words of Customers

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When it comes to selecting a cloud platform, most organizations will weigh the pros and cons of Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud vs Azure. While each platform has its advantages, it's essential to choose the one that makes the most sense for your business' workloads. We asked six small business professionals to share their experiences using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and this is what they said:

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the global leader in cloud platforms. Used by millions worldwide, AWS offers an unparalleled array of services. From compute and storage to database, Internet of things, machine learning, containers, game tech, satellite, and many others, with granular controls to ensure its customers' can build solutions with high levels of security, high availability and scalability, and robust functionality.

When Rick Orford, Founder of The Financially Independent Millennial, was looking for a hosting site for his business, he evaluated Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud vs Azure. He told us about his experience:

Google Cloud was my first choice because I already use Google Apps, and they offered me $400 of credit to fully test out their system. Unfortunately, Google Cloud was not intuitive. With Microsoft Azure, I faced a very similar experience to Google Cloud. Cumbersome, and unintuitive interfaces that required endless reading.

Having tested both, I've come to understand that I need to have: 1) a deep knowledge of Google or Microsoft's hosting platform, or 2) hire a management company. Either option was not useful to me, so I moved on to Amazon AWS.

Amazon AWS's EC2 platform immediately made sense to me, and when I needed help, ironically, I "googled" the request, and got quick answers to what I needed. Spinning up an EC2 instance takes seconds, as does managing disk space and IP addresses. 14 months later, I'm a happy AWS client and have every intention to remain.

Rick Orford, The Financially Independent Millennial

Adam Hempenstall, Founder and CEO of Better Proposals, agrees that AWS is the best choice:

AWS remains the best possible choice in 2021 and beyond. While Azure is a great competitor (if you're in the enterprise sector) and Google Cloud has great AI and deep learning capabilities, AWS does it all better. Its capabilities are unmatched, regardless of the complexity of your product and the number of your users. The only problem is that with AWS, your costs can be wildly unpredictable and there are quite a few AWS users that can't make sense of how much they pay for AWS. So, AWS would be my choice, but be prepared to put some cash aside for unexpected expenses.

Adam Hempenstall, Better Proposals

Experimenting with the various cloud platforms can help you make an informed decision to benefit your business. Amazon Web Services offers a free tier on many services for those who are new to cloud computing or are looking to try a new platform.

Google Cloud

Like AWS, Google Cloud (GCP) is another high-performance cloud computing solution that excels in hosting apps, enhancing collaboration, and protecting sensitive information. Google Cloud is used by organizations such as Nintendo, PayPal, Home Depot, Spotify, and more.

Katie Fellenz, Head of Marketing for Trust & Will, uses Google Cloud for multiple reasons:

Throughout my experience working in marketing, I've always found Google Cloud to be the most useful platform. I tend to use Google Drive for easy, accessible sharing of documents, spreadsheets, photos, and more. Google Cloud makes it easy to stay connected to Google Drive and Gmail and makes it easier to organize my day-to-day all in one place. Additionally, Google Cloud has great security and a great price point. Personal preference is important when it comes to deciding on a cloud platform, but I enjoy Google Cloud.

Katie Fellenz, Trust & Will

Deborah Goldberg, Finance and Insurance Expert at Expert Insurance Reviews, further explains why Google Cloud is popular among many companies:

Google Cloud is particularly strong in its artificial intelligence offerings, machine learning, and data analytics, which is useful for businesses looking to lower costs and boost IT security. Although it costs less, it can compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in payment configuring and privacy.

Deborah Goldberg, Expert Insurance Reviews

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to go with Google Cloud. Reliability, security, and affordability are key objectives when looking for a platform to host commercial workloads. Pilotcore can help you understand how each platform may cater to your unique needs and identify the most suitable solution.

Microsoft Azure

Second in terms of market share, this cloud computing platform has an enormous number of services on offer to help your business succeed. What makes Microsoft Azure unique is its ever-evolving innovations and, of course, deep integration with Microsoft Windows technologies like Active Directory.

Kate Diaz, Co-owner of Swanky Den, boasts about how straightforward Microsoft Azure is to use:

My favourite cloud platform is Microsoft Azure since it makes cloud transfer quicker and easier. I also like that it gives you an option to operate it on almost all services on the cloud, as well as combine it with my current apps and data center. On top of that, it offers a wide range of solutions that fit all industry types. Hence, it takes every business requirement you have into consideration. You don't even have to have a physical service on your site to utilize it. That means your cost on things like an onsite server support team will be reduced.

Kate Diaz, Swanky Den

Julien Raby, Founder and Owner of Coffee Works, also chooses Microsoft Azure over its competitors and explains why:

There are plenty of cloud service providers available and from those cloud service providers the top two are 1) Amazon Web Services (AWS) and 2) Microsoft Azure. Both these two cloud computing services are great to use as per their functionalities, but I do prefer Microsoft Azure over AWS mainly for its pricing models and support plans. Technically both these two are great to work but I prefer Microsoft's pricing which is also pay-as-you-go like AWS, but they charge per minute than the hour that AWS offers. Also, it has flat monthly rate support plans which are great for me as I am a heavy user.

Julien Raby, Coffee Works

Consumers tend to choose cloud platforms that are both reputable and affordable. If you're interested in Microsoft Azure, our team at Pilotcore can provide you with all the information you need to help you decide.

As you can see, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure have dedicated customers. Each platform's deciding factor may come down to budget, the client's unique workloads, and personal preferences. To learn more about what best suits your needs and how we can help you, see our services.

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