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Choosing a DevOps Consulting Company For Your Startup

Are you running a technology startup and need to put together an automated testing and deployment pipeline? Finding the perfect devops consulting company for the job is essential!

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Choosing a DevOps Consulting Company For Your Startup

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Building a startup is hard, and if your vision is to launch a tech startup, you're up against tough competition. But you already know that. You have a vision and a passion to execute it. You know you're going to need to enlist help. An excellent place to start is with DevOps consulting companies. If you're at the point of rolling out your innovative, pioneered product to a cloud platform, DevOps consulting firms will give you traction.

Don't know much about DevOps?

Have you ever heard of WATERFALL? That was the methodology behind software roll-out for years before DevOps came along. While the waterfall approach is still recognized as a legitimate project management/app development method, DevOps was created by software engineers for software engineers.

Let's dive into DevOps' nuts and bolts to see how hiring a consulting company can put you on the path toward unicorn status.

Build, Test, Deploy: The DevOps Pipeline

A DevOps pipeline is a set of actions that must execute in sequence to reach the intended result. It's project management on steroids. It brings together developers' and engineers' expertise to efficiently produce high-quality software products and services for millions of end-users.

Building a DevOps pipeline requires planning, requirements gathering, design, and development.

Planning happens before developers get to work on coding. Gathering feedback from customers and stakeholders is a critical part of this phase, preparing for future developments.

After the planning stage, with requirements defined, possibly using Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban, cross-functional DevOps teams begin designing and developing your applications. This work involves coding, introducing DevOps continuous integration tools to identify bugs and security issues in code quickly, and utilizing SaaS like GitHub for source control.

Much of the work done during design, development, and testing is sent to automated deployment through the DevOps cycle.

Testing is completed through a series of manual and automated tests to check for defects within the code.

In the final stage of the cycle, apps are deployed to the cloud.

Sharing for Success: The DevOps Team

Migrating to a PaaS is a process that requires time, money, and skill. A lot rides on doing it well; in fact, failure to execute effectively on migration to or deployment in the cloud could impact your product launch and company reputation. Deploy without adequate testing, and everything could crash, literally.

Many tech startups and IT professionals mistake DevOps for a tool they can buy and run projects through to come out squeaky clean. But in reality, DevOps is a practice in which quality depends on cooperation, solid skills, and character attributes such as empathy, strong communication, and resilience. DevOps and testing and deployment tools are not the same thing.

Teamwork is the key to making DevOps a success. The "Father of DevOps," Patrick DeBois, had the conviction that lack of cohesion between development and operations thwarts progress. This tendency to silo these groups is still a struggle for many businesses today.

To create a well-oiled DevOps machine, you need to have structured roles and responsibilities and the right people in place.

Roles in a DevOps Team have specific names like the "DevOps Evangelist," the one who campaigns for collab between development and operations. This critical role's responsibilities are to engage and ensure buy-in from both teams to work unified and identify ways to support delivery methods. The DevOps Evangelist creates an environment where learning is championed, removing the fear of failure.

Another key role in the DevOps culture is a dedicated "Experience Assurance" expert.

As you know, QA (Quality Assurance) is essential during software development for identifying and maintaining specifications for creating reliable products. XA (Experience Assurance) is the specialty of understanding the end-user experience and ensuring functionality meets their expectations.

There are several other roles involved in creating a top-notch DevOps team capable of deploying pipelines and maintaining applications on cloud platforms. With so many moving parts, employing the know-how of DevOps consulting companies is becoming a more common practice among tech startups.

A Competitive Edge: DevOps Consulting

As a tech startup immersed in the intricate work of innovation, it's not so easy to divide your focus onto team and pipeline management as well. There's no dishonour in calling in help from professionals who specialize in DevOps. It's one of the best decisions you can make to reach your short and long-term goals.

DevOps development consulting comes into play when a business is ready to transform. With tough competition nipping at your heels, resisting change is a recipe for disaster.

There are many things that a DevOps consultant can do to support your venture and vision, including:

  • Enhance application quality
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Strengthen UX and customer satisfaction
  • Establish employee KPIs and increase productivity
  • Develop cost-effective IT practices

When it comes to deploying your software to the cloud, pinpointing an Azure or AWS DevOps Consultant is a great way to leverage others' knowledge. These certified cloud experts analyze your business model to determine the best way to tackle app development & cloud migration.

DevOps Consulting Companies for a Strong Start

Tech start-ups ready to hit the floor running in 2021 have many giants to face. You've made it this far, which means you have the vision and resilience to keep pushing the limits of innovation.

Now that it's time to turn up the heat and show the world what you've got, you need to secure the right kind of support that knows your industry and your market.

You need to employ the help of Pilotcore, one of the best DevOps consulting companies available, with expertise in the AWS ecosystem of services. Visit our DevOps consulting service page to learn more or move forward with DevOps strategy consulting for a strong start.

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