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Some of Our Favourite Cloud Infrastructure Automation Tools

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Getting the most out of your existing or future cloud infrastructure is essential – otherwise, how can you justify the investment of time, money, and effort? There are hundreds of automation solutions out there that can make everyday operations more seamless, interconnected and efficient. Still, it's good to know which ones are best suited to the needs of your business.

We know it's challenging to decide on what's best for your business in this respect. Today, our team is prepared to help you out. Here's a list of some of our favourite cloud infrastructure automation software solutions for 2021.


When working with GitLab, building and deploying software is a breeze. Wholly open-source and designed to declutter, GitLab drastically shortens the time to deployment, driving down development costs and cycle times considerably. This saves your developers' time, those ever-flowing fountains of skill and knowledge, as they can now complete tasks and move on to the next significant initiative more smoothly. That's a significant win for everyone.

Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Using YAML, Python or Jinja2 templates, Google Cloud Deployment Manager makes it quicker and easier to deploy complex cutting-edge cloud resources. It also allows for hassle-free management utilizing clean-cut processes and tools for its users. With its declarative language, repeatable deployment processes for consistent results and building-block design, it's an inspired choice for creative coders.

Microsoft Azure Automation

Suppose you're looking for an automation solution across not only Azure environments but also within other cloud providers like AWS. In that case, you must check out the Microsoft Azure Automation and Resource Manager services. Configuring and deploying VMs even in AWS via runbooks is a seamless, consistent task through Azure's dedicated dashboards and offers feature sets optimized for easy management.

AWS CloudFormation

Are you looking for a stable, dependable and user-friendly infrastructure-as-code tool to deploy AWS and third-party resources? AWS CloudFormation has it all and then some, making it quicker and easier to provision and manage your critical workloads across accounts, regions, and availability zones. As with other tools mentioned above, the ability to track and collaborate on infrastructure using familiar source control tools dramatically improves visibility, transparency, and ease of management. CloudFormation is an AWS product and is kept up to date with the latest services and enhancements.


Like many of our other recommendations, Cloudify is an open-source tool and unique in that it can be integrated with AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes for easier deployments. It's one of the most streamlined, compatibility-focused software solutions out there for cloud infrastructure management. What's more, with that multi-cloud support comes the ability to adopt a hybrid-cloud architecture with VMware and OpenStack.

IBM Cloud Schematics

With its Terraform-as-a-Service feature and baked-in support for high-level scripting languages, IBM Cloud Schematics is not only open source, but it's feature-rich and complex as well. That's a good thing, as it means this software is adaptable to your cloud infrastructure's specific needs via IaC. It's an ideal choice for developing multitier, automated environments.


Among the most straightforward and easiest-to-use solutions on our list, Nerdio is a multi-tenant virtual desktop platform offering virtual hardware and software support in addition to security, BDR, and round-the-clock technical assistance. Designed for use with Azure, it's handy to build a robust and dependable DaaS solution – and maintain it.

These are just some of the many useful automated cloud infrastructure solutions out there, and we highly recommend getting your internal DevOps team to scope out at least a few of them. If you'd like assistance and protection from hiccups in your cloud infrastructure, however, our team at Pilotcore is happy to help. To learn more about our services, reach out to us today. With decades of practical experience and a passionate technical team, we can help you optimize your system in innovative ways!