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5 Cloud Platforms to Boost Your Bottom Line

Moving to the cloud involves some big choices. Here are five of the top cloud platforms to boost your bottom line.

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5 Cloud Platforms to Boost Your Bottom Line

At Pilotcore, we believe in simplifying the user experience when implementing cloud-based solutions for your teams. That said, there are several fundamental cloud products ideal for improving your bottom line. Depending on your compliance-related needs and operational requirements, you may find some of these a better fit than others for your workloads. Please take a look at our picks and see which best aligns with your use case and needs.

Google Cloud

Not only do Google Cloud customers get $300 in free credits for new products – of which there are over 20 to choose from – but they benefit from an ultra-clean, easy-to-navigate suite of powerful tools. Operations make monitoring and logging application performance a breeze, Compute Engine enables seamless virtual machine management, and Cloud SDK has an abundance of command-line libraries. There are other tools to consider, such as Cloud CDN for web and video content delivery, BigQuery and Dataflow for data-driven insights, and IoT Core for Internet-of-Things device management and integration.

Microsoft Azure

For a scalable, flexible solution that keeps up with your business's needs, Microsoft Azure, in general, is an inspired choice. Whether you need to deploy onsite, in a hybrid format or via a multi-cloud setup, it remains a secure and well-designed platform for your needs. Use intelligent AI for machine learning, make your apps more useful and meaningful to key team members or public users, and leverage comprehensive data insights thanks to built-in analytics.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is probably the best-known provider of cloud solutions, and we can help you identify the most affordable, efficient way of migrating to the platform to supercharge your existing legacy hardware and applications. For clients who rely on a mission-critical program they can't afford to leave behind, such as Citrix, this is especially important. With automated data analysis and our suggestions on application modernization, you can take a significant step into the future without losing your footing in the past, striking the perfect balance. Of course, this translates to minimized downtime, dependable disaster recovery and no-nonsense security protocols.

Oracle Analytics and Big Data

Oracle is a significant player in cloud infrastructure management, and they have some of the finest products available in the space. Their Analytics and Big Data software suite, in particular, consists of a long list of programs designed to help you get the most out of real-time, accurate data points. These include Oracle Analytics cloud, their Big Data and SQL Cloud services, and their Essbase system for rapid insight generation and visualization.

IBM Cloud Solutions

Depending on your specific operations, you may want all or just a few of IBM's positively gigantic list of cloud products. Collectively as their full-stack cloud platform, there are over 170 to choose from, covering everything from blockchain and basics such as IoT management to mobile optimizations, logging and monitoring, and even dedicated developer tools. According to IBM, their Instana system enables full-stack visibility in as little as a few minutes, and there are plenty of onboarding resources for you to browse through. For no charge, you can try out more than 40 of these services on IBM Cloud for free, so give it a try!

As the cloud continues to evolve, increase complexity, and adapt to businesses' needs, it's essential to keep up with the latest innovations. These services act as the gateway to learning more about the cloud, helping you make informed decisions on your migration future. This can translate to considerable time and cost savings through consistent optimizations, and our team at Pilotcore is happy to help you navigate your roadmap with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our managed cloud infrastructure services.