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Reasons To Hire a Cloud Migration Consultant

You can avoid common pitfalls when migrating to the cloud by hiring a cloud migration consultant. Some business leaders tell us why they wish they had.

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Reasons To Hire a Cloud Migration Consultant

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Performing a cloud migration can seem like a daunting task, especially if it is your first time. To avoid potential risks, leveraging expert knowledge by hiring a cloud migration consultant can set your mind at ease.

We asked companies in a diverse range of industries why they regret not hiring a cloud migration consultant, and this is what they told us:

Save Money

While there is added expense in hiring a cloud migration consultant, making big mistakes and having to recover your assets on your own will ultimately cost more. John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight, discusses how hiring an expert could've saved his company a lot of time and money:

Trying to DIY our cloud migration was a total disaster. Given our dev team's skill and our company's general IT acumen, we thought migrating from a local, legacy infrastructure to a cloud environment would be relatively simple. We mapped it out and thought we had a decent plan, but there are so many issues that you would never expect. We encountered problem after problem, and ended up paying an arm and a leg to a consulting firm in firefighting fees to quickly resolve our migration issues. Had we just gone with a consultant from the get-go who had relevant, deep experience, it probably would have saved us a lot of money, and a ton of headaches. Cloud migration is generally a one time project, and a very niche task at that. So take my advice having been through the ringer—pay the fee, hire an experienced cloud migration consultant, and get it done right the first time.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight

Arbab Muneeb, Content Marketer at PhysiciansThrive, also describes how it could have helped his end plan to hire a cloud migration consultant:

Cloud migration can be a very complicated process that has a huge cost that may increase even more if non-experienced internal technical staff tries to do it. Cloud migration consultants are a much better option in this regard, as they know what to do and how to do it smoothly and making sure that minimum cost is incurred.

Arbab Muneeb, PhysiciansThrive

Hiring a cloud migration consultant won't only save you the stress of planning and executing a migration on your own; it will also save you the time of figuring out the logistics of the cloud on your own. A cloud expert can share tips, tricks, and knowledge with you and possibly save you from having to pay to rescue your cloud migration down the road if it goes wrong.

Implement a Clear Strategy from the Beginning

Having a clear strategy and understanding of which cloud platform to use and which migration model makes the most sense for your workloads can save you time and reduce unnecessary costs incurred from taking the wrong path and having to backtrack. Ryan Smith, Owner of Ant & Garden Pest Control, regrets not doing this from the start:

Now that remote working is more prevalent in our world, cloud migration is more important than ever. Getting a migration consultant is the best option, as it allows you to take advantage of the expertise and professional resources of the consultant. We regret not hiring a cloud migration consultant because we only realized the implications of not having a clear strategy after we've started. And it costs a lot!

Ryan Smith, Ant & Garden Pest Control

Eric Florence, Cybersecurity Analyst at SecurityTech, realized looking back that his business could have significantly benefited from hiring a cloud migration consultant:

When we look back at the time and effort it took just to get off the ground and towards a cloud-based ecosystem, we realized we needed a cloud migration consultant to properly forecast the plan for us. Once we finally got around to hiring a consultant, we figured that we were actually missing quite a few steps. As a company making the transition to cloud-based storage, you may not know how to prioritize your data.

Eric Florence, SecurityTech

Having a clear strategy will always benefit your business, especially when moving to the cloud. Your cloud migration consultant will make sure your efforts are focused on the right areas and develop an ideal cloud service plan based on a detailed understanding of your business and workloads.

Spend Less Time Away from Your Business

Trying to migrate on your own without an expert cloud adoption service can be time-consuming. Alex Perkins, Co-Founder of All The Stuff, describes how hiring an expert during the pandemic can allow your business to continue running smoothly and ensure accurate and optimized cost estimates:

Cloud migration services have become vital to have a centralized system and smooth workflow, which is why it is wise to hire a cloud migration expert or consultant who will lead a team or division which focuses on this workload. It is worth investing in since they can manage to move heavy workloads to the cloud within optimized costing [while minimizing] the impact on processes of workflow for the business to still run amidst pandemic.

Alex Perkins, All The Stuff

Carla Diaz, Co-Founder of Broadband Search, reveals that the implementation phase of cloud services can force you to delay critical business processes, which a consultant can help minimize:

The main reason that we should've hired a cloud migration consultant earlier is due to the timing aspect of cloud technology implementation. There are so many different parts to cloud implementation that people don't realize exist, and trying to do it without a cloud migration consultant can lead to some serious delays in business. We discovered this the hard way, but I'm glad we did because now we understand the importance of getting this all right and how beneficial a cloud migration consultant can be when you're making this move. Utilizing their services ensures that you not only implement different cloud technology at the right times, but that different aspects of your business and the applications you use are prepared for the implementation process.

Carla Diaz, Broadband Search

When you choose to hire a cloud migration consultant, you can spend your time focusing on areas of your business that matter most. While a cloud service is a great way to store important data, you also take away the risk of something going wrong and needing to step away from your business to deal with the issue. From the beginning, a cloud expert will guide you through the process and deal with any problems that arise efficiently and with timeliness.

Hiring a cloud migration consultant will take the hard work off your shoulders and create a secure, reliable architecture for your workloads, files, and data. This expert can also save you money, time, and errors in the end. At Pilotcore, you can be confident that our consulting services will make moving to the cloud seem easy. Contact our team today!

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