3 Predicted Cloud Adoption Trends for 2021

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As cloud computing becomes more and more popular, trends in the industry are continuing to develop. Cloud adoption has taken the business world by storm and is the piece of the puzzle that takes organizations to the next level.

We asked 5 business leaders for their predictions in cloud adoption trends for 2021. Find out what they said below:

Businesses Will Fully Rely on Cloud Platforms Post-Pandemic

Elliot Brown, Director of Marketing at OnPay, explains how small businesses may begin to double down on their use of cloud apps this year:

"The number of small businesses with remote workers is going to increase by 50% in a post-COVID world. Working remotely means moving to the cloud, and we expect to see mass adoption of cloud apps as businesses move part of their operations to the cloud and discover the benefits of jumping in with both feet. For example, about 60% of small businesses use payroll software and another 50% use accounting software. Choosing cloud-based apps that can integrate both these functions can reduce redundant tasks and make bookkeeping more accurate. Businesses that were forced to move one or two apps to the cloud in 2020 are likely to move more of their tech stack over as they discover these efficiencies."

Elliot Brown, OnPay

For those who have fully shifted to remote work during these unprecedented times, cloud adoption can streamline production and improve efficiencies.

Cloud computing has become vital during the pandemic. Jeff Cooper, Manager of Messagely, explains why this trend will continue through 2021 and beyond:

"During the pandemic, cloud services were blessings for holding the economy and our lives from crushing to a halt. In 2021 and beyond, everybody will advance to rely completely on the cloud (as well as on remote collaboration, smart sensors, streaming, and other cloud-reliant digital technologies) to rise from a pandemic that is still pounding down on us remorselessly. Enterprise technology professionals will modify their cloud policies with one eye on COVID-19 courses and the other on their digital transformation initiatives. The tech merchants who compete to gain the most are those such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon that provide full, cloud-to-edge ecosystems that facilitate seamless new normal lifestyles."

Jeff Cooper, Messagely

In a post-pandemic world, cloud adoption will still be an affordable and efficient way to store all of your important business data.

The Use of Multi-Cloud Implementation Will Grow

Multi-cloud implementation can help your business by acting as a backup if something happens to go wrong. Tom Winter, Co-Founder of DevSkiller, thinks this approach is here to stay:

"One trend to watch out for is the presence of joint cloud providers who strike up deals and partnerships that will benefit a lot of current cloud users. Aside from the big providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, other companies will want to accelerate their presence in the market with interesting partnerships. Multi-cloud platforms promise freedom and security to many of their users, and it will be exciting to see what solutions they will come up with alongside these offerings."

Tom Winter, DevSkiller

If you’re on the fence about cloud adoption, multi-cloud implementation can give you the confidence and peace of mind that your organization’s critical data is safe and secure.

Major Growth and Demand for Cloud Adoption

Richard Waters, Founder and Managing Director of Row, explains how the rise in cloud adoption will allow cloud service providers to improve their services:

"With many businesses already inclined to the use of cloud, the demand for this service will rise. It will lead to larger revenue for cloud service providers. For them to be more competitive in the rising market, they will surely be on the move in improving their services, especially on the tools and security aspect. This will eventually lead to a really promising growth of the cloud industry and will have a positive impact on the businesses using the service."

Richard Waters, Row

Many tools have gained popularity as a result of remote working. Petra Odak, Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals, explains what this means for cloud applications:

"Given the fact that remote working tools (project management, communication, etc.) have been on the rise in the last year, I can only predict major growth for cloud applications. Besides new users, I think there will be an increase in companies switching to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) since it makes much more sense than buying a bunch of different cloud products at once."

Petra Odak, Better Proposals

When it comes to cloud adoption for your business, there are many options to choose from. Doing your own research and looking at the stats on growth and demand can really help you choose the right application for your business.

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