Application Modernization

Breathe New Life Into Legacy Applications

The pace of innovation is accelerating across all industries. Take the opportunity to go cloud-native in your transition to the AWS cloud

Application modernization is the process of refactoring, consolidating, repurposing or streamlining legacy applications to make it align more closely with current needs of your organization and your evolving business processes. In the context of the cloud, this often involves enabling the application to run in more modern hosting scenarios like containers (Docker or Kubernetes), in a microservice architecture, behind a load balancer, or breaking down a monolithic application to run as individual Lambda functions along with services like SNS or SQS to reduce costs. This is also known as serverless computing.

As part of our effort to help your software developers modernize your existing applications, we'll analyze your legacy systems and look at speed, performance, scalability, and more to find a clear path for improving metrics like user experience and ROI.

Pilotcore application modernization with serverless and containerization

Application Assessment

Our AWS experts will assess your applications to develop the right approach for you. Whether that's replatforming, rearchitecting, refactoring, or simple rehosting, we'll look at where you're at right now and help you to draw an app modernization roadmap to where you want to go.


Cloud-native serverless architecture increases agility, boosts innovation, eliminates infrastructure management, and reduces costs. We use the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) or even the open-source Serverless Framework to help you modernize with serverless applications.

From Monolithic Architecture to Microservices

If you're running monolithic, on-premises applications, we'll help you bring them into the cloud with techniques like microservices and devops. Loosely coupled microservices are easier to manage, more flexible, feature greater scalability, and allow for more seamless integration of new technologies.

Go Cloud-Native

Embracing cloud-native tools enables us to shorten development and release cycles, auto-scale to meet business needs and customer demand, and implement efficient CI/CD pipelines. While every client's requirements are different, most discover efficiencies with AWS offerings such as Elastic Beanstalk, ElastiCache, S3, CloudFront, AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS Key Management Service, and more.

Function as a Service with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda serverless architecture lets you pay for only what you use, saving up to 99% on compute costs. By running scripts for Infrastructure as Code, you'll also eliminate the cost of managing servers, realize consistent performance, and scale your code with high availability. This is a perfect way to modernize applications in AWS.

Effective app modernization comes down to strategy and execution. Our experts combine thorough assessments and planning with the technical skills necessary to transform your organization into an industry leader. To learn more, click the button below, and we'll contact you within two business days.

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