AWS Cost Optimization Service

Get the Most Out of Your IT Budget

One of the greatest advantages of moving to the cloud is to optimize your IT budget. We'll make sure you get maximum value for money.

Infrastructure Cost Review

Find Inefficiencies

If there's a better, easier, or cheaper way to do it, then we'll find it. Whether you're just moving to the cloud or you're looking for a way to optimize existing infrastructure, the first AWS cost optimization technique is to find inefficient processes and enacting economical solutions.

Eliminate Excess Resources

You might not even know where all your AWS expenses are coming from. We'll track down any unused or underused resources like excess EBS volumes and infrenquenly accessed S3 objects to find cost savings. Only pay for what you use.

Cost Optimization via AWS Programs

Savings Plans

Our AWS experts use cloud-native tools like Savings Plans to save our clients up to 72% on their AWS compute usage. This flexible pricing model offers significant savings and is easy to maintain.

Reserved and Spot Instances

Another key AWS cost optimization best practice is using Reserved Instances to pay for your Amazon EC2 instances fully or partially upfront, and EC2 Spot Instances for added compute power when it's cheapest. Together, these can drastically reduce cost over on-demand pricing on services like RDS, Redshift, ElastiCache, EC2 and more.


Amazon wants your business. One great way for startups and other small businesses to save money on their AWS bill is by applying for AWS Credits. We'll help you figure out which ones you qualify for and help you get them.

Architectural Optimizations

Lambda Functions

Moving some functionality to AWS Lambda can dramatically reduce costs, even sometimes to $0 for simple functions that fall under free tier limits. This serverless infrastructure lets you pay only for the compute time that you consume.

EC2 Right Sizing

You don't use your biggest frying pan to cook a single egg. One more AWS cost optimization best practice is EC2 Right Sizing. With the help of AWS Compute Optimizer we analyze instance performance, usage needs, and patterns to make sure that the compute resources you are paying for match your workloads' needs.

Cloud Native Services

We utilize cloud native software services to optimize your IT ecosystem. For instance, CloudFront is a fully integrated content delivery network (CDN) that enables fast, secure, customizable delivery of data, videos, apps, and APIs to customers across the globe. We also employ Amazon S3, a resource storage service, that enables you to store, protect, backup, and restore your data.

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