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Cut Your Cloud Bill with AWS Cost Optimization

Managing your AWS costs is hard.

The cloud has made it easier than ever to scale up infrastructure when you need it with their pay-as-you-go pricing model, but all that extra capacity can add up fast. Maybe you have some unknown cloud expenses eating into your IT budget that are going unnoticed because they aren't assigned to any project or team.

Pilotcore helps you identify the areas where you're accumulating unnecessary costs and to get more out of your IT budget by monitoring usage and optimizing spend across accounts. Whether you're looking to get better control over your spending or increase your startup's runway, Pilotcore is at your service.

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Results-Driven AWS Cost Optimization Service

Optimizing Cloud Architecture

Our certified cloud experts will help you choose the appropriate option for your business model. We'll then customize your applications for the cloud platform.

Provisioning Cloud Managed Services

To maximize cloud performance for your end-users, our cloud services offer settings and monitoring service attributes to keep your excess capacity to a minimum.

Optimizing Data Transfer

Our experts may use architecting for data transfer, such as using dedicated network links from your premises to the cloud to minimize costs.

Cloud Resource Rightsizing

We'll enable you to use the lowest cost resource that still meets your technical specifications by identifying the unused resources within your cloud environment.

Governance, Budgeting, and Tracking

We offer configuration services for budgeting, monitoring, predictability, tagging, expenditure awareness, and more.

Geographic Selection

We offer Geographic Selection services to select the appropriate geography for your cloud managed services (all or subset) to minimize cost.

How Does Our Cost Optimization Service Work?

Step 1

Analyze Your Billing History

We start by reviewing your billing history and take an inventory of which services you have been using to get a sense of your service usage and current costs.

Step 2

Quick Wins

It's usually immediately apparent when you have resources that are costing you money while providing little if any value. We flag those suspect resources and so your team can shut them down or ask us to do it for you. From excess compute resources to high storage costs for infrequently accessed files, to finding the right pricing options to reduce costs, these initial quick wins usually provide a substantial cost reduction benefit.

Step 3

Confirm Requirements

Working with your team we determine what the actual requirements are for running your workloads. Based on this we can either adjust your existing resources through rightsizing and other optimizations, or propose architectural changes that will ultimately save you money. We use the AWS Cost Calculator to give you an estimate of the resulting monthly charges.

Step 4

Implementation and Monitoring

If significant long-term cost savings can be realized by making architectural changes and you have approved them, we undertake the changes. If you would like us to monitor your environment over the following weeks to confirm the expected cost improvements, we would be happy to do that.

Are You Ready to Save Cost Through AWS Optimization?

What's Holding You Back?

If you focus on cost containment, you can easily compromise your team's ability to utilize your cloud infrastructure fully. You can also end up under-provisioning resources and slowing growth.

With our AWS cost optimization services, you'll spend with confidence. We offer valuable insights and hands-on tactics into cloud financial management and controlling costs. This gives the much-needed freedom to concentrate on what matters most – growing your business.

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Why Choose Pilotcore?


With the ever-increasing urgency to adapt quicker, work more efficiently, and innovate faster, you can't afford to see costs skyrocket. Diverting your internal team to analyzing your AWS bill and making optimizations will pull your team away from the core tasks that grow your business.

Our AWS-certified experts will perform a thorough review of your environments, then make recommendations on how to reduce costs by sometimes surprising amounts. We'll implement these recommendations and provide your team with guidance on how to keep costs low going forward. This will help you focus on operating and expanding your business.

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