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Why Migrate with Us?

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Cost Savings

31% average infrastructure cost savings vs on premises1. There are a lot of reasons that so many organizations are moving to the cloud — the first is always how much money they can save compared to physical infrastructure.

High Availability

Access reliable and secure AWS-managed compute resources that minimize downtime for mission critical applications. By combining built-in high availability with AWS-managed services and the custom application architectures that we provide, you're guaranteed unprecedented uptime.

Scalability and Elasticity

Our custom server configurations for your applications will instantly and automatically increase or reduce resources based on demand to optimize performance and savings. Cloud resources automatically scale up during high traffic periods and retract during off-hours. This means better performance for a lower cost. Canadian customers can keep their data housed domestically by deploying to AWS servers in Canada.

Modernization of Applications and Infrastructure

Evolve your IT ecosystem by incorporating DevOps principles and by migrating your existing applications to the AWS cloud. Once you've arrived at the cloud, we'll introduce your IT teams to the DevOps workflows that they'll need to get the most out of their new environment.

Simplification of IT Overhead

Today's environments are notoriously complex. Employing sound cloud architecture design for enterprise migration to the cloud simplifies IT overhead. The AWS cloud provides a single, unified environment that's much easier to manage than infrastructure that contains hardware and software from many different vendors, and you don't have to buy and manage servers. On top of that, you never have to worry about spending tens of thousands of dollars on physical servers only to find when traffic spikes that you didn't provision enough and you can't scale. Moving to the cloud eliminates this risk.

Our Full-Service Approach

Custom Tailored Cloud Migration Strategy

We employ AWS migration best practices and work closely with our clients to find the right strategy to migrate each component of your workloads to the cloud. From rehosting (lift-and-shift) to replatforming (lift-tinker-and-shift) to refactoring, we'll work with you to tailor a process that's just the right fit.

Assessment to Validation

We're with you on this journey. We'll start by assessing your current environment and goals before planning a comprehensive migration strategy. From there, we design, diagram, migrate, and validate every component so that you can realize 100% of the benefits of migrating to the cloud.


Cybersecurity is never an afterthought. We plan for privacy, compliance, and defense in-depth from the very beginning.

Disaster Recovery

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is one of the main advantages of migrating on premise servers to AWS. We eliminate single points of failure and ensure full redundancy during data migration to the AWS cloud.

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2 "Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2020"

There's a reason that 94% of enterprises2 already use a cloud service. Transitions are always difficult, but our AWS migration consultants are here to help. Smash the button below, and we'll start working on a plan together for how we can get your organization onto the cloud.

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