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Cloud Migration Services & Cost Estimate

Securely and Efficiently Migrate your Applications and Infrastructure to AWS

94% of companies are already using cloud-based technology to help their business innovate faster, scale quickly, and run more cost-effectively. If your business is still operating with costly, hard-to-maintain, on-site technology, you are at a disadvantage.

But we can help.

We are a registered AWS consulting partner based in Canada. We have decades of combined experience, and we are dedicated to making your company's transition into the cloud smooth and seamless.

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Seamless Transition, Minimal Down-Time

Cloud-Native Architecture

Using AWS cloud-based technology allows you to automate software development, save money on bulky hardware, and minimize downtime. It also makes it easier for your remote workers to access your company's systems from anywhere. If executed properly, it is an enormous asset to your company's workflow.

But cloud migration can also be intimidating.

It is an extensive process that affects all areas of your business. If you don't have the right strategy for cloud adoption, it can interrupt your workflow.

That's where our cloud computing consulting services come in. We work with you every step of the way and do our best to stay out of your way as we help you implement AWS cloud-based services.

Reduce Costs

You already know all of the frustrations that come with on-premises data centres. Hardware is expensive, fragile, and quickly obsolete. On-site data storage is costly and limiting. Legacy applications are slow and difficult to maintain.

Moving to the cloud eliminates most of these headaches, and we aim for a 31% average infrastructure cost savings vs on-premises. How much money will you save compared to physical infrastructure?

Innovate Faster

AWS cloud service allows your in-house DevOps team to automate some parts of the software development process. This will enable you to provide your team with more efficient tools faster or even bring these programs to market quicker.

More Scalability, Less Down Time

AWS cloud migration consulting services allows you to not only bring your existing applications into the cloud, but it makes them more scalable. Your updated software will respond quickly and efficiently, even during times of high usage.

Your IT team can also automate the software testing process, so if there ever is a glitch in your software, your team can catch it before it interrupts workflow.

Security & Compliance

Security is never an afterthought. We plan for security and privacy of your corporate and customer data from the ground up.

Infrastructure as Code

It's hard to keep track of manual changes in the cloud. We use infrastructure as code so your infrastructure configuration can be tracked like source code.

How Does Our Cloud Migration Consulting Service Work?

Step 1

We Assess Your Current Technology

We look at your existing workloads during deep-dive sessions with your team to determine the scope of the project. We look at how your applications are architected, and what your other infrastructure needs will be in AWS.

Step 2

Develop a Cloud Migration Strategy

We work closely with your team to design an architecture custom fit to each of your workloads. Whether your applications would work best with a lift-and-shift approach, a replatforming, or a full cloud-native refactoring, we'll work with you to tailor a solution that's cost-effective and just the right fit.

Step 3


We're with you from assessment to validation. After reviewing your current environment and goals and planning a secure, well-architected framework for your new environment, we build the new environment and migrate and validate every component to help you measure your success. Our goal is to integrate your applications into the cloud with minimal downtime for your business.

Step 4

Ongoing Support

Whether or not you have an existing IT team, we can help. We provide the managed services you need to maintain your cloud-based AWS systems. Whether you need additional support for your in-house team or fully outsourced service, we have the right solution for you.

How Much Does Cloud Adoption Cost?

The cost of cloud migration depends on how many applications need to be integrated, how much data needs to be moved, and several other factors. Still, AWS cloud services are designed to save you money. Our team will work with you to make sure your strategy is cost-efficient.

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