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Securely and Efficiently Migrate your Applications and Infrastructure to AWS

You're tired of managing your own servers and you want to move to the cloud. Your company is growing, but it feels like your servers are getting slower by the day.

Imagine being able to call up an AWS partner consulting team with technical expertise dedicated to making sure that your company's transition to the cloud is as smooth and seamless as possible. We'll help you migrate all of your data, applications, and workloads from on-premises infrastructure into Amazon Web Services so that everything runs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Cloud adoption can be difficult if not handled properly by a skilled team with years of AWS consulting experience in migrating companies' workloads into Amazon Web Services. Let us handle the migration process for you so that everything runs smoothly without any downtime or interruptions in service.

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Seamless Transition, Minimal Down-Time

Cloud-Native Architecture

Cloud migration can be intimidating, but Pilotcore is here to help you through the process. We work with your team every step of the way and do our best to stay out of your way as we guide you on your cloud adoption journey. Cloud-based services are an enormous asset for any company as they can help automate software testing and delivery, save money by cutting down on hardware costs, and minimize downtime. It's time for a change! We work with you to design an architecture that takes full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Reduce Costs

With the cost and complexity of maintaining on-site IT infrastructure, it's easy to see why companies are looking for a more flexible solution. Move to the cloud with us and you'll get average infrastructure cost savings of 31% compared to physical data centres. You know how much money that saves? A lot!

Innovate Faster

With AWS cloud service, you can automate some parts of the software development process to enable your in-house DevOps team to provide more efficient tools faster or even bring these programs to market quicker.

More Scalability, Less Down Time

AWS cloud migration services allow you to bring your applications into the cloud and make them more scalable. The updated software will respond quickly, even during times of high usage, so there's no need for downtime or interruptions. Your IT team can also automate the testing process with AWS API tools if any glitches do occur in your system!

Security & Compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. We plan for the safety of your corporate and customer data from the ground up, so you can rest assured that it's never an afterthought. If your business requires compliance with regulations like HIPAA or PCI DSS, we work with you to prepare your environments for the audit process.

Infrastructure as Code

It's hard to keep track of manual changes to your infrastructure in the cloud using the console. Our team uses Infrastructure as Code tools so you can use Git for tracking configuration instead! This is great for transparency, collaboration, disaster recovery.

How Does Our Cloud Migration Consulting Service Work?

Step 1

We Assess Your Current Architecture

AWS consulting starts with a technical deep dive. We want to know everything about your current setup and requirements. We will spend plenty of time with you and your team, analyzing the architecture and workloads that are already in place in one or more technical sessions so we can accurately scope out our project plan.

Step 2

Develop a Cloud Migration Strategy

As an experienced cloud services provider, we understand that every company has a unique business strategy and set of requirements for their migration to the cloud. That is why we work with you and your team on designing an architecture custom fit to each workloads needs- whether it be lift-and-shift approach or full refactoring - our design process will have you up and running in no time!

Step 3

Implement the Strategy

We're with you from assessment to validation. After reviewing your current environment and requirements, we plan a secure solution for your new cloud-based environment(s) designed meet all of your needs while minimizing downtime in the process. Our goal is to integrate applications into this architecture at minimal cost or hassle so that you can enjoy seamless access anytime anywhere without having any worries about security.

Step 4

Ongoing Support

Whether you need to manage your in-house IT team or have a fully outsourced service, we can help. We build scalable managed services that are tailored for companies of all sizes and industries. Whether it's AWS systems or other cloud-based solutions, our experienced support will ensure efficient management with minimal downtime.

How Much Does Cloud Adoption Cost?

Cloud adoption has many benefits, but the cost of migration can vary heavily depending on how complex your data and applications are and which services you need to use. Rest assured, AWS cloud services are designed with a focus on saving money for companies! Our AWS consulting experts offer a collective level of specialization to ensure project success. We will work closely with you through the customer lifecycle to ensure your architecture is fine-tuned for cost savings over on-premises deployments.

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