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Cloud Adoption

Make the leap to the cloud with a solid architectural foundation and security posture

Cloud Adoption

Application and Data Migration

We care about the security and privacy of your data

You're tired of managing your own servers and data storage so you want to move to the cloud. Your company is growing, but it feels like your on-premises IT infrastructure just can't keep up.

Call up an AWS partner consulting team with technical expertise dedicated to making sure that your company's transition to the cloud is as smooth and seamless as possible. We'll help you migrate all of your workloads including data and applications from on-premises infrastructure into Amazon Web Services so that everything runs faster, more efficiently, and at a more manageable price point than ever before.

Moving to the cloud is not just about migration, it's about architecture both technical and in terms of processes within your company to enable you to leverage the full power of the cloud.

Cloud adoption can be difficult if not handled properly by a team with years of AWS consulting experience in migrating companies' workloads into Amazon Web Services. Let us handle the migration process for you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Migrate with confidence and without cost surprises

Seamless transition, minimal down-time

Cloud adoption has many benefits, but the cost of migration can vary heavily depending on how complex your data and applications are and which services you need to use. Our AWS consulting experts offer a collective level of specialization to ensure project success. We will work closely with you through the customer lifecycle to ensure your architecture is fine-tuned for security and cost savings. Some of the ways we'll do that include:

Identify opportunities

Once you have assessed your readiness for transformation, identified potential initiatives and aligned them with key stakeholders and measurable business outcomes, it is time to prioritize the initiatives to focus on. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of your limited resources.

Application migration strategies

The migration process begins with a review, identifying the dependencies for each application that is under consideration for migration to the cloud. The broad migration strategies include rehost or "lift-and-shift," replatform, repurchase, refactor, retire, and retain.

Configuration Management

We can help your company standardize resource configurations across your IT infrastructure. We achieve this through quick, research-based, automated methods. Spend less time maintaining servers and more time writing great code.

Code Integration and Inspection

Our DevOps engineers can lay the foundation for your team to maximize quality build, verification of artifacts for deployment, testing and general improvements code, and generation of code reports.

We started using Pilotcore to handle our AWS assets and configuration. They've done an amazing job. The implementation of Terraform for asset configuration brought us to a new level of organization and security. We were lucky to have found Pilotcore.

Craig Lathrop
Craig Lathrop
Operating Partner, Cold Bore Capital

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Why choose Pilotcore?

Your pilot in the cloud

Why choose Pilotcore?

Pilotcore is dedicated to bringing the most innovative AWS cloud service solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We are a registered AWS partner based in Canada, with more than 20 years collective experience in IT and DevOps. We have worked with clients such as BigTeam, Cold Bore Capital, and others to bring innovative cloud-based AWS solutions to their business.