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Convenient, Hassle-Free Cloud Computing

Migrating to the cloud is one thing, but ensuring your setup runs smoothly, seamlessly and without any hiccups is a whole different story. Whether your business is struggling with virtual machine management for remote workers or reducing failover times with emergency backups, having the right cloud infrastructure management team is essential.

We're here to help, proactively, and with a great passion for all things IaaS.

Pilotcore is a respected, trusted leader in managed IT and cloud services. With decades of practical experience and a responsive, knowledgeable team by your side, we're fully prepared to take today's digitized operations to the next level. There's never been a more effective choice for optimizing your cloud computing setup.

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Maximum Uptime, Efficiency, and Cost Control

Streamlined Systems Management

Onsite, cloud-connected hardware is no longer a hassle to keep maintained and updated – our team can do it all. Whether performing diagnostics, updating firewalls or setting up a new server entirely, we work diligently and non-intrusively, helping you and your team focus on core tasks.

Manage Users with Ease, Even Remotely

Pilotcore has a streamlined approach to virtualization. Our team can actively manage operating system settings, update integrated software and data sharing permissions, and ensure your team has everything they need to succeed – even if they're not at the office.

Simplified Storage and Backups

The Pilotcore team operates on a proactive basis from disaster recovery to permissions management solutions and handles your data with care. We are fully compliant with all regulations your company needs to adhere to with respect to privacy and information access. Backing up critical files, limiting who can see them and when, ensuring a reliable emergency recovery plan with reduced failover, and encrypting all data are just some of the ways we can help you manage everyday storage solutions.

Maximize Your Potential in the Cloud

Our cloud infrastructure management services are designed to provide businesses with data-informed analytics and reporting, monitor network and system health and security, and help you make critical optimizations to boost overall performance. Configuring and making great use of your cloud-connected hardware, software and networking itself is made less stressful and more effective, all at a reduced time and budgetary cost compared to handling it all yourself internally.

How Much Do Managed Services Cost?

Just as every business is different, the scope of every project is unique. We'd be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide a custom quote.

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Pilotcore is dedicated to bringing the most innovative AWS cloud service solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We are a registered AWS partner with more than 20 years collective experience in IT and DevOps. We have worked with clients such as BigTeam, Coldbore Capital, and others to bring innovative cloud-based AWS solutions to their business.

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