DevOps Transformation Consulting

Adopt DevOps to Supercharge Your Software Development Efficiency

Modernizing your development workflows equips your teams with the know-how that they need to stay agile, execute efficient automation, and optimize IT spending.

Our Principles:

Pilotcore DevOps consulting services

Cloud DevOps

Cloud computing offers unprecedented workload management on demand. DevOps methodologies enable us to extract the most out of these resources.


By placing importance on individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change, we enable the agility transformation common with high performance development teams.


Close partnership between development and operational teams is at the heart of a DevOps transformation plan. We break down these silos to open channels of communication for better software outcomes.


Whether or not your team is in-house, we will work with them to help ease into the new processes and tooling and up to the next level.

Our Approach:

Deployment Automation with CI/CD

We'll build continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines for your software releases, and, if you're ready, continuous deployment to production environments. Then we'll teach your staff how to use it and other best practices and technologies such as GitHub, for improved collaboration and automation.

Building a Development Testing Pipeline

Running bug and security tests should be part of the development pipeline, not a task that we leave until after something breaks. Integrating bug and security testing in your integration pipeline is a key element in any DevSecOps transformation journey.

Seamless Transition

Our devops transformation services are part of a broader cloud implementation project. By working closely with your IT professionals, we make the transition to cloud migration as seamless as possible.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

The gateway to DevOps transformation is provisioning infrastructure resources with IaC. Developing your infrastructure as you develop your software brings multiple benefits:

  • Agile Deployment and Development Processes
    IaC is a proven DevOps practice that makes the entire process of managing infrastructure more agile. With Infrastructure as Code you can rapidly run tests and deploy changes to your AWS infrastructure, just as you would for applications with CI/CD pipelines that come straight from a source control repository like GitHub.
  • Improved Reliability
    Easier debugging, greater transparency, quicker ramp-up for new staff, and faster troubleshooting mean less downtime and higher productivity. Switching from physical infrastructure to IaC translates to improved metrics and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Industry Standard and AWS Native Tooling
    Our team uses advanced tools like Terraform, CloudFormation and the AWS Systems Manager to launch scripts, install software, run security updates, configuration management, and more.

DevOps strategy is a key piece of the puzzle when we look at cloud migration from a holistic viewpoint. We'll equip your team with a plan so that they'll be comfortable working in this new environment and have internalized DevOps culture long after our work is done. To find out more about our services, smash the button below, and we'll reach out to you within two business days.

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