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Cloud Cost Optimization

To get the most out of your IT budget with our cost optimization analysis, usage monitoring, and savings action plan.

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization

Your Pilot in the Cloud

We know you don't want to spend more than you need to

The cloud has made it easier than ever to scale up infrastructure when you need it with their pay-as-you-go pricing model, but all that extra capacity can add up fast. With the need to adapt more quickly, work more efficiently, and innovate faster, you can't afford to see costs skyrocket. You need cloud experts to analyze your cloud costs through the lens of your capacity needs and make the necessary optimizations to ensure an efficient spend. Don't pull your team away from the core tasks that grow your business. Leave it to the experts.

Pilotcore helps you identify the areas where you're accumulating unnecessary costs and to get more out of your IT budget by monitoring usage and optimizing spend across accounts. Whether you're looking to get better control over your spending or increase your startup's runway, Pilotcore is at your service.

Save Money in the Cloud

Cut your cloud bill with a cost optimization analysis

We'll help you find and eliminate those cost inefficiencies, and discover opportunties for long-term savings through the lifecycle of your deployments. Some of the ways we'll do that include:

Optimizing cloud architecture

With many options to choose from, our certified cloud experts will help you select the appropriate architectural design for your needs. We'll then work with your team to migrate and adapt your workloads as needed for optimal performance.

Provisioning cloud managed services

To maximize performance for your internal and external end-users, we'll deploy services managed by the cloud platform to minimize complexity, maintenance, risk and cost to you. Managed services let you focus on your core business.

Optimizing object storage & transfer

Consider cost and efficiency for inbound migration of data into the cloud, outbound data delivery to applications and end-users, as well as storage classes and lifecycle policies. We'll show you the best options at optimal cost.

Rightsizing cloud resources

Do you know if your virtual machine and database classes and pricing models in the cloud are optimized for your actual needs? We'll identify the lowest cost resources to meet your technical requirements.

Eliminate unused storage volumes

During day-to-day operations it can be easy to build up a collection of orphaned resources like compute volumes that are no longer attached but continue to cost you money. We'll find them and work with you on a plan of action.

Governance, Budgeting, and Tracking

Let us help you understand ongoing management of your cloud environments through the lens of cost optimization. We offer configuration for budget alerts, monitoring, predictability, tagging, and more.

We started using Pilotcore to handle our AWS assets and configuration. They've done an amazing job. The implementation of Terraform for asset configuration brought us to a new level of organization and security. We were lucky to have found Pilotcore.

Craig Lathrop
Craig Lathrop
Operating Partner, Cold Bore Capital
Why choose Pilotcore?

Your pilot in the cloud

Why choose Pilotcore?

With our AWS cost optimization services, you'll spend with confidence. We offer valuable insights and hands-on tactics to control costs freeing you to concentrate on what matters most – growing your business.

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