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AI & Machine Learning

We'll help you leverage cloud services to predict outcomes and make informed decisions with AI and machine learning.

AI & Machine Learning
AI & Machine Learning

Raw data to actionable insights

It's not just about data. It's about the insights you gain from it.

At Pilotcore, we believe that every business has a valuable story to tell through its data. However, it takes some help from our experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists to find out what that story is. As part of our machine learning consulting services we work with businesses of any size to create scalable, secure, and cost-effective custom machine learning project with models and solutions that help you act on your data.

We start with a deep analysis of each case to pinpoint the optimal innovative tools and proprietary technologies for your business goals. With our experience in a number of domains including unsupervised learning, supervised learning, and reinforcement learning, the result is always the same: an impeccable solution that uses the most cutting-edge technology to reveal hidden insights in your data.

We're dedicated to helping you understand and see your data in new ways that drive your business forward.

Intelligence in the cloud

Leverage the predictive power of data science and machine learning to forecast outcomes and guide decision-making with confidence.

At Pilotcore, our experts in machine learning will help you develop an approach that's right for your business and deliver results that meet your needs—all without requiring any programming expertise on your part! With our machine learning and AI consulting services you will:

Pattern and Anomaly Detection

Build models to identify anomalies and make more accurate predictions customer behaviour by extracting distinct, useful features from raw data that can be used in areas like fraud detection and market or sales forecasts.

Machine vision

Use computer vision to monitor and extract actionable insights from the physical environment such as tracking the movement of and counting objects in commercial space, diagnosing health conditions, recognizing facial features, and analyzing traffic patterns.

Forecasting and prediction

Make more informed decisions, more quickly, and with greater accuracy. Predict future outcomes using models developed from historical data. Spot trends and make better decisions about things like pricing, inventory management and resource allocation, or to personalize the customer experience by offering targeted promotions or product recommendations.

Language processing

Fill the gap between everyday human communication and computer understanding with natural language processing for sentiment analysis, speech-to-text conversion, key word phrase extraction, as well as voice command & control and more.

We started using Pilotcore to handle our AWS assets and configuration. They've done an amazing job. The implementation of Terraform for asset configuration brought us to a new level of organization and security. We were lucky to have found Pilotcore.

Craig Lathrop
Craig Lathrop
Operating Partner, Cold Bore Capital
Why choose Pilotcore?

Your pilot in the cloud

Why choose Pilotcore?

Our team is comprised of experienced IT professionals with over 20 years experience in the industry. We have worked with many different types of customers ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the full benefits of the cloud at an affordable price.

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