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Guide to Choosing a Cloud Consulting Company

Not all cloud consultants are created equal today. This complete guide makes it simple to choose a cloud consulting company you can trust.

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Guide to Choosing a Cloud Consulting Company

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Amazon's AWS infrastructure offers 200 cloud computing services from its global data centers.

Start-ups to small businesses and enterprises take advantage of AWS to lower costs, innovate, and become more agile. As one of the top cloud companies, AWS offers everything from databases and SaaS platforms to machine learning, IoT, Kubernetes, blockchain, storing critical files online, and much more.

However, one concern that many smaller companies face is knowing how AWS can work for them. That's why they hire a cloud consulting company to share their expertise and industry knowledge. But how to decide among the top cloud consulting firms to find the right cultural fit for your team?

This article provides a simple guide to help make choosing the right AWS consulting partner simple.

Read on to learn what cloud companies do and the services they offer. Discover the benefits of hiring the right AWS infrastructure specialists. And see how the right firm can save you money in the long run.

What Is a Cloud Consulting Company?

A cloud consulting company specializes in cloud computing and how to make the best use of the technology.

Cloud consultants analyze your existing IT systems and work with you to develop your requirements. They explain the full range of services available and direct you to the ones you should adopt.

Top-rated cloud consulting companies also aim to save you money.

Through years of experience working with providers like Amazon Web Services, they know how to optimize costs. They can also share best practices when it comes to security and privacy. And they will highlight the benefits of automation and how to use the cloud to store your data.

What Services Do Cloud Consulting Companies Offer?

Some providers concentrate on Kubernetes and containers. Others focus on Machine Learning and IoT. Each team offers specialist knowledge, and Pilotcore is no different.

As a registered partner AWS consulting firm, we design and implement solutions around Amazon's robust catalogue of services with our clients as needed. But we concentrate on several key areas aimed at small businesses and startups.

Cloud Adoption

Businesses wishing to transfer their existing IT structures to the cloud often struggle to begin the process.

Although Amazon has valuable resources like the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, the journey isn't easy to undertake without specialized expertise.

That's why hiring a cloud adoption firm is key to success.

Pilotcore assists businesses of all sizes to migrate to the cloud.

That starts by evaluating your current systems, then building an adoption roadmap. We outline what services are most suitable and demonstrate how they work in practice.

Finally, we help implement the proposed solutions and provide ongoing support.

DevOps Consulting

If you have a team of developers who want to harness the power of AWS to code and test on, then take note.

DevOps combines software development and IT operations to produce better apps at a faster rate. Cloud companies like AWS offer a range of coding tools, automation systems, and many other services to build any solution. We can use these building blocks according to your needs.

A DevOps consultant will lay a foundation for your team to build and test your software's quality in the cloud and improve your customer experience. They offer advice about the tools on offer and demonstrate their advantages over manual processes.

Infrastructure Management

Cloud adoption and DevOps are just the beginning. What about ensuring that your systems run reliably over time?

IaaS is amongst the fastest-growing areas of the cloud, seeing a 24% annual growth rate.

Managing virtual machines and ensuring your applications stay available and scale for your customers or remote workers requires a detailed understanding of complex technologies. Plus, your business can't leave essential considerations like backups and disaster recovery to staff who may be new to the cloud.

That's why top cloud consulting companies offer fully-managed IaaS solutions to ensure you stay online 24/7.

Benefits of Hiring AWS Consulting Specialists

Hiring the right AWS consultant brings a range of benefits, including:

  • Data storage and analysis: your data is one of your most important assets. A knowledgeable consultant ensures your data is stored in the most suitable service like S3, EFS, FSx, EBS, or Glacier and is backed-up and available for processing as needed.
  • On-demand expertise: add to your in-house knowledge by leveraging a third-party virtual team or consultant's skills and availability.
  • Security and compliance knowledge: AWS cloud partners help you comply with privacy and data residency regulations and ensure your applications and critical data security.
  • Up-to-date on AWS developments: certified AWS consultants identify new cloud services that meet your requirements.

Yet, the most significant benefit a consultant firm can bring to your company is peace of mind.

Know for sure that you're implementing the right cloud strategy at an optimized price. Only a team of dedicated experts like Pilotcore with decades of combined cloud computing experience can offer that.

How to Choose a Cloud Consulting Services Company

What separates one consulting firm from another? Which should you choose if they seem to deliver the same set of services?

At Pilotcore, we believe that our consultants stand out from the competition in 5 significant ways:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Price
  4. Experience
  5. Privacy and security

Pilotcore can pivot to our client's needs with greater agility than larger competitors. Our consistent, long-term advice aims to scale with your company making our service exceptionally flexible.

We use Slack to enable our clients to reach us at any time. You don't need to send support tickets that take hours to answer as we're there when you need us.

Since we focus on technology startups and smaller companies, we know their financial constraints—Pilotcore charges at an hourly rate lower than many larger consulting firms. US, UK, and EU customers can see substantial savings as we bill in CAD$, reducing your financial outlay even more.

Our team has decades of combined experience, and we ensure our clients' data remains secure and private at all times.

We genuinely care about the privacy and security of our clients' customer data. We practice what we preach and always work with our clients to comply with relevant privacy laws and keep their environments secure.

Expert Cloud Computing Consulting Services With Pilotcore

Choosing the right cloud consulting company lets your business tap into a wealth of industry knowledge.

If you're thinking of migrating your applications and infrastructure to the cloud, then seek professional advice. If you already utilize AWS but want to lower your monthly bill, an AWS consultancy partner can help. If you're going to branch into DevOps to manage your infrastructure and software pipelines better, you need a consultant to guide you.

Pilotcore offers all of these essential cloud consulting services.

We assist start-ups and small businesses in taking advantage of the cloud. And because we charge in CAD$, our prices remain competitive and will fit your IT budget.

Reach out and contact us to see how Pilotcore can assist you.

Don't struggle to find the right cloud computing consulting services for your business. Harness the power of the cloud with the Pilotcore team today.

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