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Pilotcore offers the AWS consulting services you need to get the most out of the AWS platform.

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Move to the AWS cloud with confidence

You already know that public cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business. Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services have made customer workloads more efficient, more adaptable, more resilient, and helped businesses reduce costs.

However, moving your workloads to the cloud can be a challenge. It's not always easy to know how to get the most out of the AWS platform.

That's where Pilotcore comes in. Our AWS cloud consulting services as an AWS partner network consulting partner we provide you with the years of experience and expertise to help you get the most out of the cloud.


Build on AWS Infrastructure

AWS is the world's most broad platforms available, offering over 200 services to meet the needs of every workload. You need an expert who knows how to leverage those services effectively to maximize favourable business outcomes for your cloud initiatives.

Pilotcore's professionally certified team offers expert AWS cloud consulting services you can count on. Our industry knowledge goes well beyond AWS infrastructure, to third party logging and monitoring solutions, open source containerizations solutions like Docker and Kubernetes, multi-cloud infrastructure as code tools like Terraform, and more. With Pilotcore's AWS cloud consulting you will always get the right solution for your workload, with AWS as the backbone.

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AWS Cloud Security Services

With Pilotcore, security is never an afterthought. Pilotcore puts security of your cloud environment front and centre because we know your data is crucial to your business. Whether your company has requirements to comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, PIPEDA, or other legislation, our AWS cloud consulting services bring secure practices expertise and architectural cloud solutions experience together to build a strategy that meets your business needs. Pilotcore makes the security of your cloud environment our top priority.

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Cloud Computing on AWS

The breadth of services and technologies available makes cloud computing on AWS cost effective, delivering massive business value through economies of scale. Make Pilotcore your AWS partner and you'll be surprised how the scalability and total cost of running your IT workloads and accessibility of emerging technology in your cloud environment vs legacy infrastructure is the hands-down best choice for your business.

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Pilotcore is your AWS consulting partner

We offer a range of AWS cloud consulting services and capabilities to bring your cloud aspirations to fruition.

Move infrastructure and workloads to AWS

Cloud adoption represents an exciting and rewarding challenge for any company. As your AWS cloud partners, we work with you to identify the most cost-effective and efficient AWS cloud migration strategies to move each of your on-premises data center workloads into AWS infrastructure with little or no downtime. As an AWS migration consultant we work to understand the unique requirements of each workload and implement a tailored approach to AWS cloud migration best practices and cloud security, as well as assist your organization in a fully integrated AWS cloud adoption.

Automate test and deploy with AWS DevOps Consulting

Software development is tough enough without having to worry about deployment or bugs in production. You want to continuously test your software, identify problems before they affect your business, fix them quickly with little or no downtime, deploy without manual effort, and get to market faster. That's exactly what the right AWS DevOps strategy provides. As an AWS DevOps consultant, we'll show you how to optimize your software development workflows.

Get a fresh start with an AWS architecture (re)design

If you need to improve an existing cloud deployment, are suffering from outages and bugs in production, or overly permissive policies, our certified AWS architects and cloud engineers will work with your team to design a multi-tier architecture solution that adheres to aws architecture design principles and get you back on track. There are clear AWS architecture design patterns that need to be employed to keep your data safe and your applications secure and reliable.

Cloud management & support

Managed AWS services can take a load off your team's plate. If you require ongoing support and/or AWS cloud management of your environments, you can count on us. We can provide you with retainer-based temporary or ongoing support after the end of our engagement, and we offer management services for small teams.

AWS cost optimization services

AWS offers an exceptional opportunity for cost reduction to do away with capital expenditure on IT hardware, shifting those costs to operating expense that you can spread over a year and pay only for what you use. We'll ensure your new and existing solutions are operating in the cloud at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing the benefits that brought you to cloud computing in the first place. For example, many AWS services support reservations to optimize costs. S3 offers storage tiers to save money storing infrequently accessed data. AWS Lambda gives you access to massive savings over running entire EC2 instances for simple function calls.

Automate data analytics and machine learning in AWS

You rely on data to make decisions about your business. We show you how to automate AWS data analytics using collection tools like AWS Kinesis, Snow Family, Direct Connect, and others, store data with S3, Redshift, and DynamoDB, process data with AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, and Elastic Map Reduce, analyze data with Kinesis Analytics, Opensearch (Elasticsearch), Athena, Redshift Spectrum, and visualize your data with Quicksight and more. AWS offers cloud services for every aspect of your data analytics workflows as well as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning tools to take you to the next level.

Modernize your applications with containers and serverless architecture

You may be looking to modernize legacy applications with serverless architecture, containers or microservices to make them more robust and easier to maintain and upgrade. Our AWS services will help you identify the right approach and assist your team undertake a modernization strategy using cloud-native best practices. Pilotcore's cloud consulting services brings our AWS capabilities to solve your business IT challenges.

Security & compliance solutions

You want to protect your proprietary information and clients' personal data. You also need to remain in compliance with data privacy laws. We show you how risk management is done with cloud-based solutions in AWS using tools like Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, Amazon detective, CloudWatch, AWS Organizations Service Control Policies (SCPs), networking best practices, AWS Firewall Manager, Security Hub, and more. Your security is our focus.

Reliable disaster recovery plans

Cloud computing services make it easy to deploy applications and back up data. But if disaster strikes, you can be prepared. There are a number of cloud disaster recovery strategies available with a range of recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) and cost profiles. By weighing these variables the correct disaster recovery approach can be chosen for each workload. Count on us to deliver an appropriate disaster recovery strategy in place for you before you need it.

Our Process

Every project in our AWS cloud consultancy is different, involving a unique set of Amazon web services for the client's workloads. Here are the three main phases of any project:

1. The technical deep-dive

The first step during our professional services engagement is for our multiple certified AWS consultant(s) to meet with your key stakeholders to analyze the project requirements and determine the current state of your relevant workloads. It's critical to understand where you are now and any potential roadblocks to ensure we establish the best path to where you want to be. If you are newly adopting cloud computing, our goal is to ensure a smooth and cost effective transition.

2. Design and implement your custom solution

Based on the outcome of the deep-dive, we develop a thorough plan for your project ensuring your key goals are at the core of our cloud strategy. Our team works to build the solution based on the agreed scope. We know your team is busy, so we'll work with your schedule to ensure alignment and their participation where required.

3. Validation, Observation, and Support

Once the solution is launched and validated, we can stay with you to observe and make changes and fixes as needed, ensure minimal cloud spending with maximal value, then provide ongoing support to your team as well as knowledge transfer and documentation.

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How much do AWS consulting services cost?

An AWS consulting partner works with each client and their budget to provide the best overall solution for your requirements. Whether you're migrating to the cloud for the first time, optimizing existing workloads, reducing your monthly bill, or automating processes, our team works with you to provide a successful and robust, cost-efficient outcome.

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